What is Southern African Artchives?

Curating and Digitising a Memory Trace

Curating and Digitizing a Memory Trace

The concept of African Artchives was driven by the need to bring to life an accessible space on which to curate and highlight nuanced artistic content and narratives as put forward by Southern African and Diasporan artists across a wide range of disciplines as well as promote and nurture cultural research and archiving within the region. The upshot of a space like this is its vast ability to catalyse the process of empowering and inspiring young African creatives to walk, live and express their truths through dynamic physical and digital mediums.

There is a vast gap both in accessible platforms that target sustainable and inclusive technological development as well as in representative platforms centred around promoting and preserving the Southern African narrative, culture and aesthetic. Artists and cultural operators are the main transmitters of these three dynamic aspects. Though it is telling that in a great deal of Southern African communities, such as in the founder’s home nation of Zambia, it is often that creativity and expression through artistic and cultural means are not given spaces, physical or digital, to develop and expand and thus are stifled. As a result, artists and the wider creative community are often marginalised and thus and underrepresented. The breadth goes beyond their localized circles and extends outwards into global mainstream cultural and artistic spheres alike.

The goals and missions of Southern African Artchives serve to address the gaps of representation of the region through dynamic new media.