Travel Diary: Lusaka | Livingstone | Cape Town

Salutations Gems,


I spent three revitalising weeks basking in the African winter sun, which were nothing short of on the edge adventures (like my bungee jump with Shearwater Bungee and my hike up Lion’s Head on the rainiest possible day), soirees and lots of nshima. The three weeks were spent across three of my favourite cities. Lusaka, my bustling home city, Livingstone- home to the thundering and beautiful Mosi-o-tunya and Cape Town, the city with a never-ending creative buzz wafting through the air. In between mouthfuls of biltong, channelling my inner Dora The Explorer and falling in love with the dynamic sounds, smells and vibes of all the destinations, I managed to compile a couple of photos and video footage. Check it out below:


Lusaka, Zambia






Livingstone, Zambia

The Mosi-o-Tunya/Victoria Falls



You can view my Victoria Falls bungee jump Go-pro footage (which is mostly screaming, cussing and appreciation of the beauty of Zambian landscape in between) courtesy of Shearwater Bungee here:

GOPR bfc1 (



Cape Town, South Africa



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