Trilogy: Throat Burns


I’m always extra extra happy every time I get to wear this super shiny maxin’ out on being obnoxious jacket! It’s so lush.

This part of the series is pretty peng et interesting as it highlights the stark difference in Kenzo and I’s individual styles but also shows the similarity in our little special quirks. Plus the narrative, as always is so wonderfully crafted!

‘Part 2 of 3:



We all need that somebody.
And not one to touch inappropriately, no.
A somebody who will be there.
A still parsimonious creature.
Mouth shut, buds open.

We all need that 2 AM friend.
Someone who will appear
when our strength does not.
We all need that holder.
And not for closeness, no.
A reciprocating arm.
Restless even when needing – hold, hold, hold.

We all need that self.
A being, a you; a me.
Someone that is anything and more.
More entailing the willingness to keep on, keeping on.

Most of us need that alcoholic.
For most of us have time and time again burned the throats of many
– if not all, that aren’t used to the soft fire of Hennesy in a tea cup.

Most of us need that seer.
For most of us are present beings.
And those that do not look ahead have and will fall.

We all need that listener.
The kind that doesn’t hear but understands.
The kind who will stand and not fall.
The kind of ear that is free.
For the greatest love stories are free,
A sickly free, a suffocating and loose free.

We all need that shadow.
The one that follows wherever, whenever, forever.
That transparent visible presence,
Little, and brown, and lady like.
Everywhere it stays, everywhere is goes.







PHOTOGRAPHY : Mutumbi Lungu

MODELS & STYLING : Kenzo Onwuka & Banji Chona

MAKE-UP : Banji Chona

CREATIVE DIRECTION : Banji Chona and Kenzo Onwuka


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