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Introducing you to Noisette!



My precious little brainchild- who’s still in utero. Noisette is the umbrella name under which a series of hand-made African inspired accessories will be sold under. From laptop sleeves to handbags. The products will be sold in Chitenge, which is a single piece of large, patterned, colourful fabric, usually worn as a wrap-around dress or skirt by Zambian women and women in neighbouring countries, Leather (+Faux leather for all Noisette’s vegan friends out there) and Suede.

Being Gemini means I’m inherently a bit of a perfectionist, and with this comes a lot of work being done over and over and over until zips aren’t sewn on wonky or patches of the chitenge are exactly the same size to the millimetre. It’s all up and running on my Etsy. These products will be made available for purchase right here on the website, once I get my marbles in a bag. Can’t wait to share more with you all!