BSc International Relations and Politics, University of Manchester, 2015-2018


2017 On Falling In Love With My Crown, Issue 1: Women and Hair, FEMZINE

2018 Too African for Europe, Too European for Africa: The Complex Dilemma of The Child of Africa and The Diaspora, Issue 01: Spaces Raw Forms

2018 The Utterance of My Name, 07: The Other Issue Cluny MCR

2018 Africa in Cyberspace: A Paradigmal Shift in Cultural Preservation, Environmental Consciousness and Political Expression

2018 Motions in Bloom, Resilient Zine/EP, Dope Saint Jude



2017 Banji’s World, Rebekah Williams

2018 Today I Wore My Full Blackness On Show, Ibrahim Gedal 

2017 Women in Colour, Rebekah Williams

2017 Wanna Get You In My Spaces, Cal McIntyre

2017 Lookbook for WAYAWAYA, Eivind Hansen

2017 Digital Portrait Series, Delmaine Donson



2017 The Little Brown Lady: Banji Chona, Creative Hustle ZM

2018 Budding Rose: Banji Chona, Rose Sibisi


Performances/Live Exhibitions

2018 Black SCUM Manifesto, Diana Tap-f, FÉMININFÉMININ curated by Legroom for Sounds From The Other City.



2017 Jewellery for Wayawaya x Mafashio Campaign, WAYAWAYA

2017 Writer and Blogger Banji Chona Speaks Culture and Fashion, New Look

2018 Rackless Kazi: Female Exclusive DJ Residency, Modzi Arts and British Council Southern Africa Arts Program



2017 Digital Curator for Chuck Gallery for Contemporary African Art

2018, Communications and Project Curator for Modzi Arts