Noisette: show your work!

Hello Gems,

I do realise we are two months into the New Year and I’m slightly late in doing this (Zambian blood pulsing through my veins rarely allows any punctuality, if you know, you know) – but I’ll extend my well wishes to you anyway because spreading love has no time stamp on it. Happy New Year to all of you wonderful souls, may this year bring with it all the love, light, healing, success and growth to you.

One of the main goals I’ve set myself in 2017 is the nurturing of my creativity and the sharing of my work! I’ve been reading a wonderful book called ‘Show Your Work‘ by Austin Kleon which has massively sparked a flame of inspiration in my sphere (Thank you Callum). So I plan on doing just that- and showing my work!

A few months ago I introduced you to my brain child- Noisette (/nwäˈzet/) which was still in utero, since then my baby has seen tremendous growth, which makes my heart flutter! Noisette is a brand under which a series of hand-made (by yours truly) African inspired accessories will be sold. The series includes equally diverse and beautiful accessories, from laptop sleeves and handbags to stunning neckpieces and earrings. Most of the fabric based products are made using Chitenge, which is a single piece of large, patterned, colourful fabric, usually worn as a wrap-around dress or skirt by Zambian women and women in neighbouring countries. Accessories will also be made available in Leather (+Faux leather for all Noisette’s vegan friends out there) and Suede. I absolutely and truly mean it when I say I’m keen as a bean to share my creativity with you all!

With that being said, here is the link to the Noisette Shop:

Never be afraid of showing your work!

Love and Light



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