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As I’d mentioned in a few earlier posts I was going to use this space as platform for myself as well as a platform for other creatives to share their work on. This week’s profile follows beyond talented photographer (and pro at keeping white shoes white) Mutumbi Lungu from Lusaka, Zambia. Tumbs took the wheel as head photographer in the Trilogy posts I previously shared with you all. And it’s’ safe to say he SMASHED IT.


Below is a little blurb about him. His work is featured within the posts below and more extensively on his Instagram.


Throat Burns




Photographer(duh), human being and lover of all things good.

I think it would only be fair to say that my journey into photography started way before I got my first camera. I’ve actually always been into computers, art, doodling, bright colors.. You name it.

Christmas of 2014 is when I got my first DSLR. I was beyond happy. You know that glow on kids faces in Christmas movies when they get their gifts? That was me.

Ever since, photography has become a big part of my life. I almost always have my camera on me so I take photos everywhere, of everything.

I can be a pretty expressive person(lol, I’m so extra) and I guess I could say I express myself best through my photography. Though, I recently started experimenting with film and it’s really interesting I must say.

It’s pretty important to have people you want to emulate, you know? People you look up to. I don’t have a lot of folks in my life whom I REALLY admire and respect creatively, so I feel compelled to read biographies about people that I think are interesting and I want to emulate. I’m not saying they’re not around; I just don’t happen to come across them as frequently as I would like.

There is only one reason that I am Inspired by photography: Great photographs move me. I am happy to be an avid photographer hoping to produce my own moving images. Am making sense? I hope I’m making sense.

I enjoy photography because I can share my perspective with the world; the world I see with fresh eyes every single day.


Submissions from other young creatives wanting to share and get their work out there are welcome. Submissions can be sent through to 

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