Musimbi wa Buloongo Triptych

Salutations Gems,

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to put pen to paper and actually complete a piece. So for me to have finally crawled my way out of my writers block hole and have written and been happy enough to share my triptych titled ‘Musimbi wa Buloongo’ which translates as ‘Woman of the Soil’ with you all is a big thing. I’m slowly but surely taking baby steps towards growing and nurturing my love for words,writing and rhythm- this required stepping slightly out of my comfort zone and opening myself up to a room of people (warmest bunch) and sharing in my poetry at the Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic spoken word night at my University’s Students Union. This was my first public reading of a personal piece and it FELT like the first time- jitterbugging heart and all. Being in the centre a stage in front of crowds of people never really made my heart jitterbug before, whether it was singing solos in a CATS musical, which I did when I was still a bit of an asshole 13 year old or reading snippets from my favourite anthologies to rooms of people. But this reading felt majorly different because I was reading from the heart. These were my words, my thoughts and the manifestations of my many realities as a Black Woman. It really is such a rewarding feeling to step out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you a little bit and smash it! So if you’re thinking of doing something that seems slightly out of your comfort zone I recommend you take and deep breathe and DO IT it’ll pay off! Big love to University Of Manchester Feminist Collective who organised and hosted such a wonderful and safe space for the magnificently talented but marginalised voices in Our Community to be heard.

To the Black Woman,

Those who speak ill of you

Mean to harm you,

Hurt you,

Tear you down from your throne.

Remain resilient.

The sun a glint on your mahogany shoulder,

The wind on your back.

To the Black woman, 

draw a deep breath

and exclaim,

“I am Black! I am Powerful! I am Free!”

free from the expectations of the lapsed African diaspora

free from judgement.

I am the Black Woman,

and I have exclaimed my freedom,

without an ounce of shame

You are the Black Woman,

The universe yearning for itself.

Your skin the colour of the earth,

Your hips wide as the sea.

You are the Black Woman,

The universe challenging itself.

Your hair defying every rule of gravity.

You have the starts in your eyes and the world in your lap.

Today, I wore my blackness on full show
I got stares, you know
And people who wouldn’t dare look me square in the eye
Would I taint their blanched gaze with my skin- glowing golden brown?
Did my gravity defying hair tell them I was resilient, like my crown?

Today, I wore my blackness on full show
I got stares, you know.
Scanned, stripped, searched inch by inch,
Some undressed me with their eyes.
Would I taint their thoughts with images of my ass fat and thighs wide?
Did my full lips, painted green tell them I didn’t care much about shrinking myself?

Today I wore my blackness on full show.
Spat in the face of the westernised standard of beauty.
Today I wore my full blackness on show.
Reclaimed my identity.
Gathered all the dispersed fragments of the black woman.
Pulled apart, pushed, pulled, tugged and sometimes broken.
Today I wore my blackness on full show.
Today- I felt whole.

Love and light


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