Madusa Karma

More often than not, I seem to find myself drawing inspiration from the vibrance and warmth of colour.

Sparks went off in all directions when I came across Madusa Karma’s Instagram as I was nonchalantly scrolling through my explore page. I was instantly drawn to the melanin on pantone aesthetic vibes that boldly exuded from the carefully curated grid of photographs. In the name of sharing in the beauty of art and connecting with souls that vibe on the same wavelength I decided to get in touch with her to gain a little insight into the intriguing sphere of Madusa Karma. I could feel her warm energy even through the computer. She truly is a gem.

Enjoy your free pass into the frameworks of the bubble of Madusa Karma:



Darina Anstis, 17, Kigali, Rwanda

What’s the story behind Madusa Karma (or the name you choose to go under) and where did it all start?

I think the most empowering woman I know is Medusa. > I write it as Madusa

When I was young, I remember reading her story and being told she was this evil creature. But I found it so disappointing that she was punished for the simple fact that she was a female that loved herself.
I think we should all be able to express our self appreciation and that for me was inspiring.

Karma comes from the simple fact that what goes around comes back around.
> also I refer to the 12 laws of karma as a way to apply to everyone’s life
On a daily basis what are your go-to references for inspiration?

I think I mostly look to myself for inspiration, as cocky as it might sound. I feel like everyone should be inspired by themselves in some way but when I fail myself I always turn to Chaka Khan, Solange, Grace Jones, Nan Goldin, Tarantino, Pharrell and whole bunch of other people.

It’s always a mix depending one the way I’m feeling I like playing around with things and myself.
What is your creative process-like?

It’s mixed up. Most of the time I do get afraid to say that my inspiration and my creative process normally comes from my sad side. Mostly my music, which I’ve always been so afraid to let out. It’s really never happened to me to create something out of joy but that’s what I gain after I finish a project or come up with an idea but that’s me and my personal projects.

When it comes to collaborating with other people it can be easier to do, ideas flow.
I put a lot of visuals together and work from there and see where they bring me too,

What does art/creativity and the ability to express yourself through this medium mean to you?

I find myself still stuck- ’cause no matter what I put out, as vulnerable as it might be, I’m not fully out there and haven’t expressed myself to the fullest.

The few pieces of my work that I put out there give me a sense of freedom and also I feel like people then get a better idea of “who I might be”.

Where do you see yourself and your art in the future?

I just hope the very few people that relate with me, my music, my visuals. All of that especially young African creatives that can’t find their way. Being that I started being somehow independent at a young age I want more people to follow that path and BE THEMSELVES.

Get out the trap they want to lead for you.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learn thus far, as a creative? 

It’s not as easy as people think it may be.
Creating something out of nothing is biggest power I know to man kind.

I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned is that it will pay off.
Not everyone one is going to get your vision but the very few who do, will bring so much joy to you.
Also that this industry isn’t nice to you, along the way I’ve seen so much fake around me, fake creatives that are only in it for the money. Not everyone is there for the art and the message




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