Introducing: Randy Gowon

“Humble with just a hint of Kanye” and a whole lot of bloody gorgeous melanin! Randy caught my eye on the Instagram explore feed,  *insert Mr. Krabs meme here* I was in such awe at how much radiance and power he exuded and how beautifully it translated through his photographs- both when he’s in front of the camera and when he’s snapping away and creating magic behind the lens. Check out this mini bio and a few snippets of his work.



I’m Randy Gowon, a young upcoming model and creative director from Nairobi, Kenya. I started off my creative journey as a model, I was scouted by Sunny Dolat at a Chico Leco casting. Once I started working with him, (Sunny Dolat) he made me realize how interesting the thought process of expressing concepts through fashion and modelling were. I wouldn’t say I have one source of inspiration but a great deal of it comes from talking about how I feel. I often create content depending on my mood, like i said I’m expressing myself.  Magazines like I-D, Dazed and Vice amongst others also play a role in influencing my creative process.

Being able to express myself through modeling is really beautiful, haha, there’s not much I can say about that, it’s just beautiful to see people appreciate the images and the messages they carry, as well. As a creative I’ve learnt four valuable lessons; to be humble, to stay original ,to be confident and to stay real.
I see my career going far, I might not be modeling in the next 7 years but I’m sure I’ll be doing something amazing in the creative industry .
For more black boy magic follow his Instagram: @randy_gowon
Love and Light in abundance!

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