Hair Diaries (1)

Salutations, to you lovely people and to the gravity defying fluff on my head!

I’ve been keeping my hair away in braids for the last couple of months because:

  • My arms were getting way too buff from battling combs and brushes
  • I couldn’t be bummed
  • I couldn’t be bummed
  • I love box braids (pretty and practical)
  • My last shampoo left my hair feeling so straw-esque, I just wanted to put it away!

The last point is pretty much why I decided to switch up my wash day regimen. Instead of using shampoo, which I find strips my hair of all the necessary oils and what not that keep it hydrated and healthy, I used a cheap Homemade Bentonite Clay Rinse. Easy recipe and easy process! The rinse contained bentonite clay, as the name suggests- which I bought for only ZMK20 (that’s Zambian Kwacha btw) from Umoyo, 99p Rose Water from a local hair shop in Manchester, Black Jamaican Castor Oil from the same shop and Olive Oil, (which I knicked from the kitchen- sorry flatmate to whom it belongs.). To a damp, unwashed head of coils, parted in four, I applied the clay, rose water and oils (which should be the consistency of double cream) thoroughly then I put on my conditioning cap over that, a headscarf/turban/doek/chitambala on over that, to trap the heat in the cap- which aids in penetration of the rinse. I kept the cap on for what should have been 20 minutes but I’m the least punctual person on earth so it could’ve been 40. But alors, 20-40 minutes later I used Cantu Co-Wash to wash the rinse out and clean my scalp. (SO MUCH CURL DEFINITION FROM THE RINSE) I then applied a combo of Raw Shea Butter (sorry mom!), Cantu Cocount Curling Cream and Cantu Twist and Hold Gel to wet hair and began the long two strand twist game. The hair air dried over night under the trusty chitambala. When I unravelled my twists I was so happy with the definition of my curls and the fact that my hair didn’t feel like bloody straw! Hoorah succesful Wash Day with an updated regimen.

love and light



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