Dope Saint Jude: Resilient EP/Motions in Bloom

In September 2018, I was invited to be a contributing artist in the Resilient EP project. Resilient is an EP by Dope Saint Jude. A rapper and producer with a defiant, life-affirming queer perspective from Cape Town, South Africa. Some of her inspirations include 2Pac, author Toni Morrison and the US Northwest’s iconic Riot Grrrl feminist movement.

A zine, by the same title was to be released alongside the EP. The zine was centred around reclaiming what it meant to be a badass. A curation of different artistic expressions and narratives of the experiences of black, brown, queer, fat, trans, differently-abled and non-binary bodies by Boni Mnisi, a black, queer woman.

For this project I wrote a piece entitled Motions in Bloom. It tells the story of a Black African woman or many Black African women. My musings draw on themes of vulnerability, silence, strength, growth and resilience. In essence the pushes and pulls we experience as we move through the world with our mahogany outer shells.

Mouths shut, with buds open.
black girl(s) in bloom.
Silences that hold a thousand force fields.

Our mahogany outer shells exude strength undiluted,
But we too need to be watered.

The world was built on the bending, bent and unbent raven backs of ours. We move mountains and shift the soil beneath our feet.
We carry ourselves. Our sons, the suns,
The planets and the seas.

Nature. Naked. Raw
An interconnected field of feels
And fields of mangoes, limes and comfort.
I feel at home raw, naked in nature.
For here I can’t be silenced.
My thunder echoes through copper canopies.

mouths open, flowers in bloom.
Black girl(s) in motion.

Banji Chona

The zine is available for purchase as a downloadable booklet that comes when one purchases the EP on Itunes. The hardcopy of the zine is being sold at all of Dope Saint Jude’s shows, at The Book Lounge in Cape Town and at Love Books in Johannesburg.

Part of the proceeds that come from the sale of the EP and the zine will be put towards covering school fees for 3 student from Marian High School and 4 students from Matroosfontein Primary School, in Cape Town.

You can also stream the 5 track EP on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Tidal

Love and light and boundless expression,



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