Doodles by Takudzwa Dlamini






To one of the many wonderful women that manage to inject insane amounts of inspiration into my life, Takudzwa Dlamini. A fellow little brown lady doing her thing as a creative in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Her illustrations are the tits! (See above image of tits lol punny) I’m in love with the doodle style aesthetic it’s sketched in- so delicate but also fiercely bold. You can see more of her work here on her Instagram¬†which is one of my favourite feeds on the interweb.

And I’d like to extend a mahoosive thank you to you Taku, for helping this creative space blossom. (she drew the peng header image that gives this space a lot of its character.) and being an all round treat. SPOT THE SOLANGE DOODLE! POWER TO HER AND ALL CAREFREE BLK GRLS- and everyone else of course!

Love and light and sprinkles of inspiration



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