Curry Stained Jeans (which I’ve been wearing for 2 weeks shr8) by Candace Cosentino

Salutations to you all,

This is a mini photo series by the beautiful and talented Ms Candace Costentino featuring my staple pair of jeans, which are, as the title suggest curry stained and have been for weeks. But still- staple. We spent the afternoon (which was surprisingly pleasant) wondering around Manchester, most definitely one of my favourite cities, playing around with lenses, faces, backgrounds and light.

I’ve never felt so at home in all the cities I’ve lived in so far, as I do here. All the diverse and wonderful little Mancunian elements fit perfectly together to weave a warm blanket that makes it feel like home. From the small things, like how the brief flashes of sunshine bounce beautifully off the endless puddles dotted around the city centre pavements and the constant orangey-grey tint to the city, cast by the skies and the tall red brick buildings to the general warm and vibrant buzz exuded by the souls wandering, growing, living and loving alongside each other.










love and light



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