Trilogy: Acknowledgement of Self


The third segment of the dynamic-gangsta-shit trilogy was probably the most powerful shoot I’ve ever been involved in. In terms of content and just pure vibes, man. The wonderful energy of the 5 pm Lusaka sun in the summer, was just pulsing through everything leaving little trails of gold everywhere. ‘Twas lovely, really.  And I absolutely LOVE my two partners in this series, Mutumbi and Kenzo. We finally got there in the end guys and WE’VE DONE SO WELL- it’s humbling. After many grumpy morning messages in the group chats- trying to arrange meetings to walking in the 29 degree heat and making pristine white shoes dusty and obviously less pristine in the name of trying to find locations worthy of the KABLAM the magic of all of three of our artistic energies manifest and bring to life. Big love to the both of you and to everyone reading this as well, and a big fat thank you for the continuous overwhelming love & support. It keeps me afloat.

Love and Light


Part 3 of 3:


We are the granddaughters and grandsons
of the witches you weren’t able to burn.

We are the results of the people who refused you
to tell them who they were by telling you who they were.

We are the ones that reek of self acknowledgment
and conscious, miles away.

We are the lovers, the indigos, the revolutionaries
hustling to be.

We are the souls built so deep in gods
that when Lucifers come out to play, they fall.

We are the indigenous equaled by birth and the new birth.
We are the lovers, the indigos, the revolutionaries fighting to be seen.

We are the ghosts, the sun, the moon, the gum,
the ones always on the run.




NARRATIVE: Kenzo Onwuka

PHOTOGRAPHY : Mutumbi Lungu

STYLING : Kenzo Onwuka

MODELS : Kenzo Onwuka & Banji Chona

MAKE-UP : Banji Chona

CREATIVE DIRECTION : Banji Chona & Kenzo Onwuka


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