Banji Chona is a Zambian artivist whose work manifests across the creative spectrum. Chona has an academic background in International Relations & Politics (BA from The University of Manchester)  and Arts & Culture Management (MA from The Rome Business School). She is a digital artchivist, writer, sustainable designer and collaborator. The entirety of her essence is intricately entwined with the unending roots of her multifaceted Southern African identity. Her work is centred largely around the socio-political and cultural promotion and preservation of the Southern African identity, narrative and aesthetic.

Since 2015 the focal point of Banji’s work has been channeling the visceral need to bring to life an accessible space on which to curate and highlight nuanced artistic content and narratives as put forward by African, and more specifically Southern African, artists within a wide range of disciplines. Empowering and inspiring young African creatives to walk, live and express their truths plays an integral part in the frameworks of her being. Banji’s mission is centred around facilitating the forging and nurturing of positive, representative and critical discourse on the region, additionally deconstructing orthodox archetypes and normative ideologies through dynamic multidisciplinary digital art.

Throughout her career she has focused on both solo and collaborative projects and has been featured in publications such as Dazed and Confused and South African Elle, produced work for independent zines such as Femzine, Cluny MCR and Raw Forms. Additionally she has managed an array of art and culture projects for the British Council, Prohelvetia Switzerland, KOKOTEN Studios and The Alliance Francaise of Lusaka. Banji has also been commissioned to orchestrate workshops for Abercrombie and Kent Philanthropy and worked with international artists such as Sampa The Great..  

Banji is currently based in Lusaka, Zambia

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