Banji Chona

Banji Chona is an artist whose work manifests across the creative spectrum. She is a writer, creative director, digital curator, jewellery designer and stylist. A great deal of the entirety of her being is heavily and intricately entwined with the unending roots of her African culture, alongside her diasporan identity. Her work is centred largely around the cultural preservation and promotion of the African aesthetic and narrative. In African communities, such as her home nation of Zambia, it is often that creativity and expression through art is stifled and thus blossoming artists are in turn silenced and underrepresented not only in their immediate communities but in mainstream media alike. Her artistic goals are largely oriented in facilitating the nurturing of positive creative discourses on Mama Africa and her children and thus diversifying the creative sphere.

Empowering and inspiring African creatives and children of the diaspora to walk, live and express their truths, as well as cultivating a frequency of unity and ultimately love plays an integral part in the makings of the fabrics of her soul. Driven by the need to establish a space beyond social media on which to exhibit her work, as well as to facilitate a platform on which African creatives could share their content and engage with nuanced artistic narratives and manifestations of Africa and African Identity which they could relate to she launched this website which she describes as a “safe space for the creative African”.

Currently, the artist is creating and exhibiting multiple manifestations of both the African and the Diasporan, through visuals, text and dialogue. Banji lives, studies and creates  in Manchester, UK.






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