Banji Chona is an artivist whose work manifests across the creative spectrum. She is a writer, sustainable jewellery designer, digital curator and project co-ordinator. The entirety of her essence is heavily and intricately entwined with the unending roots of her multifaceted African identity. Her work is centred largely around the socio-political and cultural promotion and preservation of the Pan-African identity, narrative and aesthetic.

Banji’s goals are oriented in facilitating the forging and nurturing of positive, representative and contemporary discourses on Mama Africa and her children. Deconstructing orthodox archetypes and normative ideologies.

The establishment of this site was driven by the need to bring to life an accessible space on which to share her work, as well as curate and highlight nuanced artistic content and narratives as put forward by African artists within a wide range of disciplines. Empowering and inspiring young African creatives to walk, live and express their truths plays an integral part in the frameworks of her being. In African communities, such as her home nation of Zambia, it is often that creativity and expression through artistic means are stifled. As a result, artists and the wider creative community are often marginalised and thus and underrepresented, not only within their local communities but in international mainstream media alike.

Banji is currently based in Lusaka, Zambia.

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