Mindfulness and Self-Reflection (30 Day Journal Challenge)

I started my year, as most people do, by setting myself some goals. A handful of the goals I jotted down for 2019 were oriented around living mindfully, being self-reflective and generally recollecting myself and changing the direction my mental health (for the better).

Journaling/writing has always been the way in which I release and rationalise the magnitude of feelings that I feel, but consistency (as the Gemini being I am) has always been something I’ve had to wrestle with. So as a measure of control and discipline, I decided to challenge myself by taking on a 30 Day journal challenge which is comprised of daily prompts aimed at nurturing the journey of self-discovery and awakening.

For each prompt I aim to fill out an entire page (but end up filling 3/4 because I’m an intricately knitted blanket of feelings and shit) by going in depth about the amalgamation of emotions that the prompts evoke. Today is Day 3/30 and I can honestly say in the last three days I’ve explored segments of myself that I was (sub)consciously neglecting! At the end of each of my written rambles I’d feel a sense of overwhelming clarity, release and reflection.

So it’s only right to share the prompts with you all, in hope that they help you come full circle with yourselves.

I’ll attach the file as link HERE that’ll take you to a downloadable google doc file! Happy Reflecting!


Love and Light,



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